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Grounds care

To secure traffic areas or the maintenance of sidewalks and squares agria different devices are used. Therefore sweepers are very good for removing dirt, as well as for removing snow. To eliminate large amounts of snow ploughs or snow blower are recommended. Wild herbs can effectively be removed by mechanical means. To free water-bound surfaces of disturbing weeds agria road maintenance equipment is suitable.

Grounds care

Due to its tilting mechanism the transport trough performs a very good task during the application of bulk material.

suitable machines

With the mechanical weed removal weed can be effectively removed on plaster stones, in jointings and on curbs. In this way use in time can avoid expensive restoration of plasters.

This implement is especially designed to remove uncontrolled growth from water-bound surfaces, as for example paths in parks, hiking trails and lanes in cemeteries as well as sports and playing grounds and dirt tracks. The rotating operation tools loosen up the compressed surface, remove undesired crops and improve the water permeability of the surface.

A snow plough can be used in order to remove snow depths from paths and surfaces which cannot be handled anymore with a sweeping roll. The use of front and wheel weights makes considerably easier the snow removal.

Very large surfaces can be removed from snow with a snow blower a s well as higher snow depths. The rotary ejector channel allows large-surface distribution of removed snow.

The spreading of salt, sand or split is an important supplement to snow removal. Hereby consistent distribution of spreading material is the most important quality criterion.

Remove quickly and carefully dirt and snow on large surfaces with the rotaring brush rolls. The brush rolls can also be effectively used to remove leaves.

Combined sweepers fulfill the same tasks as conventional sweepers. Their speciality is the combination possibility with additional implements as for example the water spraying equipment or the implemented lateral sweeper.