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Green land applications

For the application of green land there are used different techniques. If you want, for example, to cut tall grass clean and long for the production of forage or cut wild growth and scrub, crush and store, on the Agria site you will always find the right technology in the right size.

Green land applications

Mowing is a cutting measure in gardening and is used to activate grass for dense growth. If the mowing material is lying too thick, the lawn surface below is damaged and bare spots occur. Material is necessary in case of many mowing operations with short cut collection of the mowing. Cutting of long grass in case of animal husbandry is used for winning feed.

After cutting grass the hay can be loosened up, turned over and swathed with an implemented band rake. Also great surfaces can be removed from leaves.

After the grass is cut the hay, the leaves and the silage can be pressed into transportable bales with the baler.

Due to its tilting mechanism the transport trough performs a very good task during the application of bulk material.

In this way thatch and moss are removed and the lawn can “breath deeply” again. But please absolutely pay attention that the operation depth should be only 3 mm!

When lifting the turf, the soil surface is broken up by a lawn aerator, so that again more water, light, sun and nutrients gets to the soil and existing wetlands get dry.

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