Start into a new school year - but not for everyone

The trainees and students of Agria-Werke GmbH with Director Human Resources Bianca Offenbecher

After the long time at school, many people ask themselves: What do I do now? At Agria-Werke GmbH in Möckmühl this year, two young people decided to start their working life directly after school and set the course for their professional future with an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship is just as much a part of Agria as tillers are for gardening and landscaping business - that's why the company has been providing training in cooperation with the Ludwig-Erhard-Schule and the Dual University in Mosbach for decades. Some of the former trainees have been with the company for over 40 years and are happy to pass on their experience.

"This is something that already impressed me during my internship. It shows that Agria really does place long-term emphasis on its trainees," reports Melike Yildirim, who is already in her second year of training as an office management assistant. The fact that Agria will need many well-trained specialists in the next few years is forward-looking for ambitious young professionals like Melike: "Of course it is a great feeling to be able to learn from the experienced employees at the moment and at the same time I have the prospect to follow in their footsteps later on."

According to a study by the VDMA, only 3.6% of companies in Baden-Württemberg will have taken on more trainees in 2020 than in the previous year. The fact that Agria belongs to this small group despite the Corona crisis shows the importance of training in the company. "We are sure that we will continue the successful development of the company with our trainees and students and wish them success further on," says Director Human Resources Bianca Offenbecher, looking to the future.