Double reason to be happy: Restart with new home jerseys

Men's team from SpVgg Möckmühl with Head of the soccer department Waldemar Haas (left) and Billy Cogum, Sales Director of Agria-Werke GmbH (right)

After the long Corona-break soccer finally starts again. The local club SpVgg Möckmühl is starting the long-desired season with new home jerseys, sponsored by Agria-Werke GmbH.

The connection between the SpVgg and Agria has a long tradition. "The fact that in the 1950s almost the entire team were Agria employees, certainly did not hinder the cooperation. In the 70s and 80s we were already playing in Agria jerseys," reminds Bernhard Leist, a long-time employee of Agria and an active club member of the SpVgg.

"Because the cooperation is still active today in form of perimeter advertising or at the annual "Dreikönigs" cup, it was very clear that we would get together again for the new equipment of our men's team," reports Waldemar Haas, Head of the soccer department of SpVgg Möckmühl.

For Agria's Managing Director Julian Viering, it is a matter of course to support the local club even despite Corona: "Initially, the new home jerseys were already planned for the 2019/20 second half of the season, which, as we all know, could not be carried out as planned. That's why we are very pleased now, that the restart can now finally take place with the new jerseys. In hindsight, this is a well-rounded thing now and we wish many victorious games with the new set of jerseys."