Silent. Emission-free. Eco-friendly.

9700e - all-electric-tool-carrier

9700e in operation

Modern remote control with colour display

Discover the future of professional green care now with the agria 9700e. The purely electrically powered and radio-controlled implement harvester represents a groundbreaking innovation with its innovative technology.

Versatile use
The most important interface between the implement carrier and the implement is the standard three-point linkage (Cat. 1). This allows the agria 9700e to be used for a wide range of applications.

Reduced noise level
The all-electric implement carrier is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery and thus contributes to more environmental protection with considerably less noise. This means that the agria 9700e may also be used outside the usual hours for motor mowers and is ideally suited for maintaining areas in areas where quiet is desired, such as schools, hospitals or residential and park areas.

Protects the environment
The agria 9700e is particularly environmentally friendly because neither exhaust gases nor liquid lubricants escape during battery operation. This means that mown grass can be used as fodder without hesitation.

Angle of inclination of 50
The agria 9700e can be used on slopes up to an angle of inclination of 50°.

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