Smart and powerful track mower – the new agria 9600

Mowing grass and dense growth on slopes up to 55°/143% effortlessly

Reliability when mowing at the roadside

Do mowing jobs efficiently, for example in a windfarm

Observe safe distance when mowing beside the railway

The new generation of agria 9600 remote controlled track mowers makes it even easier and more efficient to mow difficult terrain.

Easy operation in difficult terrain

The new agria 9600 has a robust heavy-duty design to tackle even the most extreme conditions. Thanks to the remote control, the operator always maintains a safe position and is protected against dust, vibrations, noise and exhaust fumes.

High area performance even on steep slopes

Safety is paramount and is assured even on steep slopes up to 55°/143%, due to its balanced weight distribution, crawler tracks and a low centre of gravity. In contrast to front mounted flail mulchers, the agria 9600 drives easily and crawler tracks first into the slope because the rotary blades are cleverly positioned between the crawler tracks. This allows mowing in both forward and reverse directions saving valuable time with far fewer manoevres and preventing soil disruption. With its working width of 112 cm a high area coverage is achieved making a huge step forward from the exhausting and time-consuming era of brushcutters.

Very easy to maintain

Also time-consuming maintenance intervals are a thing of the past. Welcome to brushless electric hybrid drive technology with a powerful combustion engine (24 HP) and electric traction drives which is very power-efficient, fuel-saving and easy to maintain. Say goodbye to cleaining and replacing carbon brushes because the electric motors and the generator are brushless and therefore maintenance-free. In addition, the entire electronics are protected against dust, vibrations and moisture in a easily accessible electrical control box. Thanks to the electric hybrid drive needing minimal amounts of operating fluids and maintenance, you can move onto the next mowing job in no time at all.

Smart track mower

In future, the operator will be supported in his mowing jobs by the new Intelligence package with smart software and GPS. The software communicates continuously with sensors and automatically initiates protective measures to prevent damage. The 2.8" colour display of the remote control also informs the operator constantly of the machines status. For example, it sends a warning message as soon as the machine moves on a critical slope or needs to be refueled. With intelligent analysis and control systems the operator can concentrate fully on navigation.

Be impressed by the new agria 9600 in person and make an appointment for a demonstration at your site.