Now is the time to wake the ground from hibernation

Precision single wheel hoe agria 3100

In the winter cold period the soil has also settled down and needs to be freshened up for a high-yield harvest.

In order to lay the foundation for good plant growth, proper soil cultivation is essential.

Over several years the precision single wheel hoe agria 3100 has established itself here as a indispensable partner of gardeners and vegetable growers. With the trend to regionally and ecologically cultivated products, the machine is more important than ever.

The powerful and stable hoeing tools loosen the condensations caused in winter and leave behind a loose soil. The working-speed of the chopping tools can be adjusted independently of the driving speed, which results in a very fine soil. In the prepared soil, plants can now grow optimally, because they are sufficiently supplied with water, oxygen and nutrients.

The well-known versatility of agria machines can also be seen in the agria 3100. With a choice of eight different hoeing attachments ranging from 10 to 50 cm, the right hoeing tool is available for every working width. The machine can also be equipped with ridging device and leaf deflector.

The narrow design of the agria 3100 pays off particularly in cultivating narrow row crops, because surrounding plants are not damaged by machine parts.

With the right preparation and first-class equipment, nothing prevents a good start to the horticultural season.