Environmentally friendly weed removal without Glyphosate

Sweeper agria 7100 with moss brush

Weed brush agria 8100

Two-wheel tractor agria 3400 with weed brush WK 70

In many countries a ban on Glyphosate is discussed, because the plant protection product has long been suspected of being harmful to the environment and health. In Germany, too, many local authorities are already voluntarily dispensing with the use of the product in the interests of their citizens.

But this does not mean that we have to let our paving be infested by wild herbs. As a useful alternative to sprays we offer suitable equipment for mechanical weed removal.

Moss and weed removal on large areas

The area performance is the most important criterion for the large-area cultivation of even paved areas. The agria 7100, equipped with a moss brush, can work large areas covered with moss or weed in a short time thanks to its robust polyamide brush which also protects the pavement.

Weed brushes as single-purpose and attachments

When working on house and kerb edges, it is important that the bristles are able to grasp the wild herbs in the edges well. A weed brush should therefore be as flexible as possible in its working angle and height. These tasks are the speciality of the agria 8100 as a single-purpose implement and the WK 70 weed brush as an attachment for universal implements. The agria 8100 has the special advantage that the brush can be used on both the right and left side of the implement.

The B 100 weed brush is suitable for particularly thorough and extensive weed removal. Attached to universal machines such as the agria 3400 or agria 5900, its two wire brushes make even large areas possible in no time at all.

Processing of water-bound paths

The removal of weeds on water-bound paths, sports fields and playgrounds requires a completely different type of treatment. The rotating working tools of the W 90 and W 100 path maintenance machines for agria universal machines penetrate the soil, loosen the wild herbs along with their roots and thus restore water permeability.

Clear advantages of mechanical weed removal

The advantages of mechanical weed removal are obvious: in addition to the visible results immediately after application, harmful herbicides can also be dispensed with - in the interests of the environment.

Convince yourself of our weed brushes and make an appointment for a demonstration at your site.