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Combined equipment sweepers agria 7100 Cleanstar comfort coarse 100

Combined equipment sweepers agria 7100 Cleanstar premium fine 100

The universal sweeper with excellent winter performances.


  • overlapping roll brush and possibility to traverse the brush guarantee tidy cleaning of the edges
  • comfortable handling due to ergonomically formed handle bar
  • Easy steering and manoeuvering by free-wheeled drive wheels
  • compact dimensions facilitate handling, storing and transport
  • multi-purpose accessories for the all-season application
  • with Cleanstar comfort or premium version rpm of brushes can be steplessly adjusted to the sweepings
  • Cleanstar premium: due to stepless hydrostat drive very comfortable operation

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implements for the following applications:
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Ground and paths care

With the mechanical weed removal weed can be effectively removed on plaster stones, in jointings and on curbs. In this way use in time can avoid expensive restoration of plasters.

article number article weight
Pair moss brushes
Pair moss brushes

Operation width 100 cm; Moss brushes for effectively removal of moss and little weed


9.3 kg

By means of the collection bin sweepings can be collected directly in one operation. A reasonable investment in order to avoid hard sweeping together by hand.

article number article weight
Refuse collector bin 100
Refuse collector bin 100

Operation width 100 cm; steering rolls for exact adaption to ground conditions, discharge possible while connected, attachment for items 7100151, 7100161, 7100221 and 7100321


13 kg

A snow plough can be used in order to remove snow depths from paths and surfaces which cannot be handled anymore with a sweeping roll. The use of front and wheel weights makes considerably easier the snow removal.

article number article weight
Snow dozer
Snow dozer

blade width 100 cm


13.5 kg