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combined implement hoeing Powerhoe agria 0700 MH 38

The reliable helper in the garden.


  • The reliable help in the garden
  • Knife shape and speed ideal for use in wet and dry soils
  • Only quality belts used
  • Hoeing knives made of hardened steel
  • Support and transport wheels for easy conversion between transport and working position

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implements for the following applications:
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Green land applications

When lifting the turf, the soil surface is broken up by a lawn aerator, so that again more water, light, sun and nutrients gets to the soil and existing wetlands get dry.

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Soil preparation

The ridger is mainly used in cultivation of vegetables and potatoes. With this working implement, the soil is ridged on the plants. The produced dikes dry quicker and warm up stronger than even soil. Danger of rot is therefore reduced and growth of the plants is stimulated.

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only required for Article 0700 011, 0790 011 to Article


1.3 kg