comBined implement hoeing Powerhoe agria 0800 MH 85

The strong helper in the garden.


  • Powerful hoing
  • Powerful and smooth-running four-stroke engine for comfortable operation and low emissions
  • Hoeing knives with a large diameter for deep loosening of the soil
  • Working width infinitely adjustable (30, 55 and 85 cm)
  • tool-less handle bar adjustment both vertically and horizontally allows working besides the hoed ground
  • Support and transport wheels for easy conversion between transport and working position
  • gear backward for easy maneuvering

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implements for the following applications:
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Soil cultivation

The ridger is mainly used in cultivation of vegetables and potatoes. With this working implement, the soil is ridged on the plants. The produced dikes dry quicker and warm up stronger than even soil. Danger of rot is therefore reduced and growth of the plants is stimulated.

article number article weight

this requires products to agria 0740 011 0700 or 0840 011 MH 50 to agria 0800 MH 85, 0891, and 011 or 0892 011


3.8 kg

Grounds care

A snow plough can be used in order to remove snow depths from paths and surfaces which cannot be handled anymore with a sweeping roll. The use of front and wheel weights makes considerably easier the snow removal.

article number article weight
Snow dozer
Snow dozer

Operation width 75 cm; required item 0840 041 and 0891 011, recommend item´0821 011


14.5 kg