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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • E10 fuel for your agria implements?

    All 4-stroke engines (for example, Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Robin)

    from the current agria product program, not older than 10 years, can be used with  E10 fuel.

    For the older engines and two-stroke engines, we have unfortunately

    no release from the engine manufacturer. We therefore recommend to use

    instead of E10 fuel the fuel Super Plus with 2-stroke mixing oil or alternative fuels such as Aspen.

  • What is better: a snow dozer or a front mounted sweeper?

    The front mounted sweeper  is an ideal solution for snow heights up to 8 cm in any case!

    The other alternative would be the snow dozer, often referred to as a snow shield. It is suitable for snow heights above 8 cm.

    If ther are more than 20 cm of snow, the snow thrower would be the best choice.

  • Where can I get spare parts for my agria device, even if it is a little older?

    In principle, the spare parts trade functions only through our dealer. We do not send parts to end users. There will take place a cash sale at the factory in Möckmühl during business hours.

    To request pricing or availability of parts you should have ready the appropriate replacement part number from our list of spare parts especially for older devices. Of course, not all parts are available forever. Remainders of older stuff are still partly available.

    Some parts are no longer available, you can contact agria fan club in this matter. Or try a request under the category search / offer for the fans on our website. Set requests / offers are free.

  • How do I get a general operating licence for my agria two-wheeled tractor?

    Unfortunately we can not provide general operating licences for agria devices. However, you have the option to go directly to the MOT.

    In order to participate at the public traffic with the trailer you need a general operating licence fort he trailer.

  • Where can I get an instruction manual for my old agria device?

    You will find old and new spare parts lists as well as manuals under the navigation point "Download" on our homepage. Or send an e-mail to service@agria(dot)de.

    We will answer your questions promptly.