Agria-Werke GmbH

Company Agria-Werke GmbH

Agria-Werke GmbH is your partner for intelligent and cost-saving technology with full-service even after sale.

We are available for you:

  • On-site demonstrations
  • Consulting
  • Admissions & Training

This way we make you familiar with the application, the care and service of our products.

Agria-Werke GmbH is a leading manufacturer of two-wheeled tractors and implements, motor hoes and bar mowers in Europe. The company is based in Möckmühl, county Heilbronn, where the company was founded in 1947. An international distributor network provides for over 70 years the nearly worldwide notoriety and the excellent reputation of the products.

Agria offers solutions in the field of hand-held power equipment for tillage and green area maintenance and traffic. We are the competent partner for gardening and landscaping companies, municipalities and public or private service provider. User and device contribute together to a livable environment for humans, animals and plants.

All who have special responsibilities in the area and care in the design and maintenance of systems, cultures and conservation areas, will find a suitable solution at Agria.